Gladius Holster

Gladius Holster is a open top, OWB, light bearing holster that can be utilized with various different mounting platforms and for various different uses. Its similar to either our C1 competition holster or our Fett holster without the level II retention hood for those who don't necessarily need it in a working capacity. Perfect for range days, training classes, or various competitve matches.

The holster comes with adjustable retention to get the perfect fit for matches, or stiffer for more intense classes.

They can be mounted using either a teklok, Gcode RTI attachment or Safariland mid rid, which specifically is great for dropping the holster and setting it away from the body for competition or to clear armor.

The Holster can be cut for Optics, threaded barrels or most other needed options - just mention so in the comment section.

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