VS Ghost – P80 Glock Frame

The Ghost was designed as the absolute smallest, most discreet way to safely carry a firearm. The use of as little material as possible gives you the ability to hide the gun while still giving you the performance, reliability, and safety of an IWB holster. The tuckable strut and soft loop, as well as the overhooks are not only reversible for both left and right handed shooters, but the soft loop also gives you the ability to adjust ride height, both up and down, and accommodates 1" to 2" belts.

Though Reholstering the Ghost is possible, we do do not recommend reholstering while the ghost is still mounted to the belt. For safety reasons we suggest removing the Ghost from the belt to reholster then securing it back onto the belt.

The RCS Concealment wing attachment helps conceal bigger guns that might have the potential to print. The Wing is a removable piece on the holster that pushes off of the belt, forcing the grip of the gun into the body and helping conceal it. Its subtle and just as comfortable on or off.

  • If no color is specified upon order you will receive a black Ghost.
  • If you wish to receive different eyelet colors with your order please just mention it in the comments.
  • Fits ONLY the P80 - 80% Frames for Glock pistols. We cannot guarantee the holster as safe if modifications to the frame have been made, outside of normal drilling instructions of the frame.
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Price: from $36.99

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