Quick Ship Ghost – Sig P320

The Ghost was designed as the absolute smallest, most discreet way to safely carry a firearm. The use of as little material as possible gives you the ability to conceal the gun while still giving you the performance and reliability of an IWB holster. The strut and loop, and overbooks are not only reversible for both left and right handed shooters, are tuck able, and the loop also gives you the ability to adjust ride height, both up and down, and accommodates all belts from 1.5" to 2" belts.

Though Reholstering the ghost is possible, we do do not recommend reholstering while the Ghost is still mounted to the belt. For safety reasons we suggest removing the Ghost from the belt to reholster then securing it back onto the belt.


  • Please select mounting option below. If you would like additional mounting options, or the concealment wing, they can be added in the Quick ship selection of the Shop.
  • All Ghost are Black unless otherwise specified.
  • Ghosts for the Sig p320 family of pistols will work for the Compact, Carry, and Fullsize models ONLY. Will not work for the rounded trigger guard subcompact model.
  • All Ghosts are ambidextrous without use of the RCS concealment wing, if adding the wing you must specify what the primary hand of the shooter is.
  • Quick Ship Items ship in 2-3 Business days.
Mounting Options:

Price: $36.99

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